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2018slaverylegacy.jpgIn 2017 I approached Amberley Publishing and suggested that even though there had been a decade since the bicentenary commemorations of the abolition of the British slave trade in 1807 where much had been promised to address public representation both of those that benefitted from slavery or those that had fought against it, little had actually been done. I wrote a book that looked at public monuments, street names and industrial and commercial landscapes that exist in Britain today that had their roots in slavery. This book is a good tool to understand the call for change that arose in 2020 and the toppling and removal of some of the statues covered in the book.   

 This book can be purchased from Amberley Publishing 







 Updates For 2020:

Sands of Time Consultancy has been expanding its holdings of historic photographs and postcards. As Nigel Sadler has continued to work as the part time Manager at Axminster Heritage Centre, Sands of Time has had limited work, and most of this time has been supporting the development of the Ottery St Mary Museum. At Ottery Museum, Sands of Time Consultancy has been creating the exhibition panels to be fitted in the redeveloped museum, due to open Easter 2021. These panels have utilised the extensive postcard collection held by Sands of Time on the town of Ottery St Mary. This is of personal interest as Nigel Sadler lives in Ottery and has written several publications on the town. Sands of time has also being giving advice and support to the development of the Museum of Diversity, which formally launched its website ( in December 2020. 


Sands of Time Consultancy is looking at other possible publications


Sands of Time Consultancy's has some of its image archive online at . Please take time to look at it and if you would like to use any images please contact us. For a more detailed list of links to the variety of collections go to Many of these images have appeared in publications by Nigel Sadler



Welcome to Sands of Time Consultancy. Nigel Sadler has set up Sands of Time Consultancy to provide affordable professional advice on Museum and Heritage issues. Tourism is the largest growing industry in the world. Tourists require to be entertained. At the same time governments and agencies (regional, national and international) are demanding greater access to heritage resources by the community audiences.

Museums and Heritage sites are now at the forefront of not only community developments but also the growing tourism markets, especially eco-tourism. Whilst demand for museums and heritage sites are increasing more pressure is being placed on existing and new venues to meet these challenges. Unfortunately the lack of resources, especially finance and staff skills, is limiting what can be done.

This is where Sands of Time Consultancy comes in. Bringing 20 years of museum experience in local, regional and National Museums, funded through local government, company and charity organisations Nigel Sadler and his colleagues bring an alternative.

Through his museum and archaeological experience he brings a wealth of knowledge and skills and an enthusiasm to develop museums and heritage sites to meet their community and tourist potential. Working on a project basis he will meet the needs of the client. At the same time he will assist to find alternative funding to bring his services to those who need it.

Why not contact Sands of Time Consultancy now to find out how we can help.


Please look around the website and contact me with any queries.

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Recently Completed Projects


Highlights of 2020:

Led Axminster Heritage Centre through the COVID 19 crisis

Completed the 41 panels for the refurbished Ottery Museum

Supported the development of the Museum of Diversity


Highlights of 2019:

Opened the redeveloped Axminster Heritage Centre at Easter and employed three days a week to Manage the Axminster Heritage Centre

Appointed Voluntary Curator at Ottery St Mary Museum - started to create the panels for the new Exhibitions (utilising Sands of Time Consultancy image archive) 


Highlights of 2018:

Published 'The Legacy of Slavery in Britain'

Employed as Lead Curator on the 'Port of Plymouth Gallery' in the Box, Plymouth 

Employed by Axminster Heritage Centre to manage the development of their newHLF funded Exhibitions   

Highlights of 2017:

Published 'Ottery St Mary Heritage Walk' to help raise awareness of, and protect, the at risk Conservation Area

Published British Piers: The Postcard Collection

Worked with a Regeneration Group trying to use the development of a museum as theur catalyst 


Highlights of 2016:

Published 'Museums The Postcard Collection'

Produced a 7 panel display on the First World War and the Turks and Caicos Islands

Worked with a major London tourist attraction to develop a new management board structure 


Highlights of 2015:

 Completed the British Library funded Endangerd Archive Programme supporting Montserrat National Trust to work on historic archives

Published 'Erotic Postcards of the Early 19th Century' 

Supported Golden Hinde Trust to produce material on Slavery for Black History Month 


Highlights of 2014:

Launched  British West Indies: The Postcard Collection with co author Sonja Arias

Successfully gained a grant to support Montserrat National Trust to work on historic archives

Worked on Exhibition of 'Ottregians in the First World War' - Ottery St Mary people's involvement in the war 

'The First World War: The Postcard Collection' published


Highlights of 2013:

Launch of 'Ottery St Mary Through Time' in February

Renewed Contract as Secretariat of Museums Association of the Caribbean 

Expanded Image Archive of Company 


Highlights of 2012:

Managed the Secretariat of the Museums Association of the Caribbean

Collecting images and research for the book Ottery St Mary Through Time (Amberley Publishing)

Increasing the image archive of Sands of Time Consultancy


Highlights of 2011:

Completing a survey of museums in the Caribbean

Assessing the organisational chart for the Cayman Islands National Museum

Supporting Golden Hinde Trust in the development of a museum alongside their ship


Highlights of 2010:

 Sands of Time Consultancy worked with the Museum of London Docklands on the temporary exhibition Post Abolition: Commemorative Stamps From Around the World 

This was part of the National 2010 Festival of Stamps.

Highlights of 2009:

'The Slave Trade' published by Shire

Taking Liberties podcast released by the British library 

Sands of Time Consultancy expanded its Image Archive.